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NCF founded in 1987 with center and operative unit in Rome,
rises as a company for commercialization of industrial use dyes.

During the years, NCF has been directed more and more its market interests towards tanning field, pointing the attention on Solofra industrial pole avalling itself of the cooperation of some local resellers.

In 1997, thanking a staff enlargement highly specilized in this field, the range of products is increased and today they are more than one hundred and cover the working phases from raw to finished.

As a consequence the firm name was changed into NCF Fine Chemicals Srl.

Today we can count on a selling system in Italy and abroad entrusted to agents with deposit, while Solofra zone is directly served by our warehouse an laboratory in order to provide our customers with detailed assistance.

As far as the abroad market is concerned, we have at our disposal some technicians that effect advices directly with the tanneries both for the best employment of our products and for eventual suggestions concerning new technologies.